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    Are concrete countertops cheaper then Granite countertops ?
    No. Basic Granite countertops cost around 50.00 per square foot, basic concrete countertops cost around 65.00 per square foot. Cost should not be the reason you decide to go with concrete countertops. Its the wide range of design capabilities that makes concrete stand alone.
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    Why does concrete crack?
    ALL CONCRETE CRACKS!! The key is to control the cracks with proper sub-grade compaction, reinforcement, and proper control joints. And even after all that sometimes it still cracks.
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    Is all concrete created equal ?
    No. Most Concrete projects call for specific mix designs. Failing to understand the complexities of Concrete can Doom your project before it even gets started.
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    How long until I can drive on my new concrete ?
    Concrete Takes up to 28 days to reach its full strength, so we recommend that you wait at least 10 days before light auto traffic. BUT LONGER IS BETTER.
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    Does concrete require maintenance ?
    Yes. Is there anything that is truly maintenance free? We recommend cleaning your concrete with a light degreaser every year. Decorative concrete should be cleaned and resealed every other year to keep it looking great for years to come.
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